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    Only at Refurbished products,
    Make your Dreams a reality!
  • Each individual product is meticulously tested at HiTech Bay,
    to ensure that our customers receive only the best.
  • Our expert staff are focused in precise and accurate testing of devices.
  • Hard drives and other devices are packed and stored using excellent packing material to
    protect the devices from environment changes and other external forces.
  • We emphasize on perfect packaging,to ensure that our
    products safely reach our customers in perfect condition.
    High quality packaging material is used for maximum protection & safety of the product.
  • Our perfectly packaged products are carefully loaded for transport,
    to guarantee the safe and easy unloading.
    Our competent and attentive loader drivers handle the
    products with utmost care and precaution.


Who we are ?

We have been in business since 2007, within short period HiTech Bay Inc. is becoming one of Canada's leading refurbishers. We pride ourselves on providing customers with premium cheap refurbished computers and cheap refurbished laptops with unbeatable in terms of quality and service. We source second hand computers from Canada, USA, and Europe, professionally refurbishing them to premium condition (“Like New”) for students, businesses and home users who want reputable computing products that go the distance without being too costly.

What we do !

Our highly-trained team put each second hand PC or laptop through rigorous multiple-point checks to ensure they are operating at peak performance before we resell them. Every computer sold by HiTech Bay Inc. comes with genuine operating systems, so customers can easily install a wide range of software applications and games.

Quality you can trust

We have been operating since 2007 with the high reputation for the affordability and the quality of the products we provide. We don't just ensure the quality of the product but the process with the continuous improvement. Yes we do monitor the product and process which is critical for producing high quality products with the big size zoom. And our quality control process has multiple layers of screening with the intention of finding defects. Moreover we do ensure that each and every product that leaves our warehouse for the shipment with the multiple tests for its optimum performance.

Warranty you get

We do test our products thoroughly for its working condition under the peak load before shipment with the intention of not to serve even a single customer with the defect product. However if customer is not happy with the product or it is not functional as it has been recommended, still customers can claim the (money back) warranty of xx days or the product replacement. Because customers and their satisfaction are more important for us than anything.


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Refurbished desktop systems have been turned back to factory specification in order to work like new. There might be minor dent or scratch but the system can be fully functional. These selected desktop have been handled professionally by certified people and tune them as its best. All our products are tested for 100% working before the shipment.

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Replacing a high end server into a new one could be a nightmare for the medium scale companies which is true in terms of the cost. A refurbished server which was in working condition has been fine tuned to perfection with ensured performance and cheap price would be the best alternative.All our products are tested for 100% working before the shipment.

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Laptops are more convenient form of personal computer. But it's been always an expensive choice for significant percentage of customers. You always have the best solution for this as refurbished cheap laptops which could be look a like and perform as brand new one. All our products are tested for 100% working before the shipment.

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We do provide best cheap refurbished printers with reputed brands. A refurbished printer from us could be comparable to a brand new one in terms of its performance and printing quality. You can expect the low price per print and lower maintenance cost. All our products are tested for 100% working before the shipment.

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Product Quality

Product Quality is defined as the collection of features and characteristics of a product that contribute to its ability to meet given requirements. It is recommended that products offering value for money not only influence customer’s choice behavior at the pre purchase phase but also affect their satisfaction, intention to recommend and return behavior at the post purchase phase. product quality is defined as the degree of how well the product specification fits the customer’s expectation. If people think the product specification fits their need, they will be more likely to think the transaction is worthy. In the era of service economy, how to meet customers’ expectations and to measure customers’ satisfaction turns to be the locus of value creation.


Warranty coverage for computer and tablet hardware does add cost to your purchase; however, repairs are expensive, and we strongly advocate that a good warranty pays for itself (sometimes several times) over the life of your computer. Our goal is to offer a range of warranty options so you can choose to cover your hardware the way that works best for your work and your life. Warranty terms are set by the manufacturer, and you deal directly with them for claims. Not all warranties are equal: for example, some cover accidental damage and some do not. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the terms of your warranty when you make your purchase.

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